Two-tone mix of blue crystals with clear AB loop detail on royal blue hologram lycra. Arranged in a vertcial ombre.

This suit features:

  •     Full lining with hidden bottom back scrunch

  •     Adjustable back strap, tie neck straps

  •     Molded cup top with pockets for padding

  •     Adjustable distance between top cups

  •     Stay-in-place bottom straps that stay high on hips and make your waist appear tiny!

  •     Bottoms with adjustable side straps. Because sometimes no one really knows what your measurements are going to be on the competition day, even you! So just in case and for the full peace of mind, all Kata suit bottoms can be adjusted following simple instructions.

This suit comes with:

  •     Carrying pouch

  •     Spare crystals

  •     Cleaning and caring instructions

ADINA royal blue competition suit kata.apparel

Turnaround time
  • After you place an order I will email you a link to the order form. There you’ll be able to add your measurements, choose suit cut, connectors and top padding.


    Please feel free to add any comments or questions to your order so I can reply right away when sending you the order form.

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