Multi-size mix of emerald crystals with clear accents on matte pine green lycra.

Connectors can be changed. Connectors are not included in the suit price.

NIXIE competition bikini kata.apparel

Turnaround time
    • After you place an order, we will email you the order form to fill out. It contains fields with division info, measurements, suit cut, extras (e.g. connectors) and everything else we need to make your suit. Some of the extras may be subject to additional fees. Please take into consideration that connectors that are shown in pictures are not included in the suit price.
    • If you have any custom requests, such as changing fabric or/and crystal colors, you'll be able to add comments in the order form.
    • Your suit will be ready within 4 weeks or 2 weeks (+$45) after receiving full payment and filled-in order form.
    • After your suit is ready, you will receive email with suit photos and a tracking number.

    Have any questions left? Please contact us through our Contact page.

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