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Competition Suit Design Course

Hi, I'm Kata! Back in 2015, I made my first competition suit with minimal sewing and decorating skills. Since then, I've been honing my craft for a continuous 8-year journey, designing suits for both amateur and pro athletes from all around the world.

💙Along the way, I've made countless mistakes and gained invaluable experience, and I still wouldn't call myself a 100% professional suit designer. But I know how to make a suit that's stunning, durable, and fits great on a show day.

If you're interested in becoming a suit designer yourself, I'm excited to invite you to my course where I'll share my tried-and-true techniques for creating competition suits.

Step by step you will learn how to create suits for yourself and your clients.

By taking this course, you will:

  • Learn from an experienced designer: I have designed competition suits for athletes from all over the world and have a deep understanding of what it takes to create a suit that stands out in a competitive market. I will answer your questions in the group chat and guide you through your design project during the course.

  • Develop a unique skillset: competition suit design requires a combination of technical and creative skills, and this course will help you develop both. You will learn how to choose the right fabrics and crystals, create custom designs, and make suits that are both functional and visually striking. We will work with suits for bikini and figure/physique divisions.

  • Unlock new career opportunities: Whether you're looking to launch your own competition suit design business, or work as a part-time competition suit designer, this course will give you the skills and knowledge you need do this exciting work.

  • Connect with a supportive community: Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to connect with other aspiring designers, share your work, and receive feedback and support from myself and other members of the community in the group chat.

Course group chat:

Course plan:

7 weeks
7 steps

Step 1. Starting Strong: Preparation steps

Learn which fabrics, elastics, and crystals work best for competition suits, and which ones to avoid. Discover how to calculate the necessary amount of materials and crystals needed. Find out where to purchase high-quality connectors and crystals, and which types of glue to use. Get a list of all the necessary tools needed to create your competition suit, along with links to purchase what you need.

Step 2. Strategic Planning for Stunning Results

Explore how to create simple and intermediate designs for bikinis and figure suits, and discover how to bring your ideas to life without disappointment. We'll cover how to transfer your vision onto paper or digital templates to visualize and plan your design and avoid costly mistakes.

Step 3. Sewing Prep: Cutting

  • Learn to take accurate measurements and get a list of measurements you will need from your client

  • Learn to calculate the right size, taking into account variations in body shape and weight fluctuations

  • Learn to adjust standard patterns to fit each individual client

  • Learn to make an adjustable suit to avoid possible fit issues

  • Tips for cutting fabric to ensure proper stretch and fit

  • Ready-to-use competition suit PDF patterns for bikini and figure divisions

Step 4. Sewing: Pro Results, Beginner Techniques

Assembling the competition suit. A rational sequence of work execution for sewing a competition suit quickly and beautifully.

Step 5. From Basic to Brilliant: Adding Crystals

This course step focuses on techniques for adding crystals to a competition suit. It covers topics such as design layout, organization of the work area, and techniques for applying crystals to ensure the proper stretchability and durability of a suit. You will do training exercises to avoid common mistakes, such as using too many crystals or not enough adhesive.

Step 6. Client Love: Finding, Winning & Keeping Them

This course step focuses on the nuances of cutting and sewing to make a professional-looking homemade competition suit. It also covers aspects such as presenting your work, including taking photos, packaging, and communicating with clients. The step addresses topics such as finding clients and understanding client needs. We will discuss how to handle client complaints and the importance of addressing their concerns and fixing problems when possible. The step concludes by discussing the benefits of a customer-friendly approach that leads to creating long-lasting relationships with clients and minimizing advertisement budgets.

Step 7: BONUS

This bonus step covers how to stay current and fashionable while also incorporating your unique design style. It discusses common design mistakes for competition suits and what works well on stage versus what doesn't. We will cover rules and regulations regarding allowed design and cut for competition suits.

Course flow:

  • You will receive new lessons every week, for 7 weeks. If you follow each lesson you can have your very own competition suit made from scratch by the end of the course - how cool is that?

  • I'll be available to answer questions you have in our group chat, so don't be shy! And remember, sharing your work progress in the chat can really help you and your fellow students learn and grow.

  • Even after the 7 weeks of the course is over, you'll still have access to all the course materials for an additional 3 months or 12 months depending on your plan. So no need to stress about rushing through everything - take your time and enjoy the process!

  • You can start today and receive your first lessons and access to the chat right away.

Feedback and suits created by course participants:

feedback and suits
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