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>>Do you accept returns?

I accept returns with few exceptions.

So, when is it possible to return your suit?

  1. I’ve sent you the wrong suit, or it wasn’t made according to your order form (wrong cut, color, top shape, etc.) I double-check all suits during every stage of production and shipping, so these mistakes are very rare.

  2. The suit doesn’t fit, even after we’ve tried everything possible to fix it. In most cases, fitting issues are easily fixable with the adjusting bottoms and tops. If remaking a suit or part of a suit will not work for you - you can return it.

I will not accept returns if:

  1. You’ve decided not to compete or don’t want/need your suit anymore.

  2. Your suit was not delivered on time for your competition. I want you to shine on stage in your amazing suit! So please, make sure you follow my recommendations on the best time to order to receive your suit on time.

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