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>>When is the best time to order a suit?

I recommend ordering at about 8-12 weeks out of your show date. If it’s not your first time competing and you know how your body changes throughout the prep – you can order even earlier than that time frame.

>>I have a limited amount of time left before the competition. Will I get my suit on time?

We do everything possible to make sure your suit arrives on time. However, sometimes we can not influence unpredictable circumstances, so we recommend ordering as early as possible.

Below are examples of time frames needed to deliver your suit and turnaround/shipping options for each time frame. These time frames apply to 97% of our orders. However, if you know that your country’s postal service sometimes takes too long to deliver a package – contact us before placing an order so we can find the best solution for you.

Please, take into consideration that if you are traveling to another city for your show, amount of weeks out should be counted to the day you need to receive your suit in the mail! We suggest at least 2-3 days before you leave home.

So, will you receive your suit on time?

Yes, delivered on time or earlier, if:

Ordered 8-10 weeks out or more + Standard or Express turnaround time + Standard or Express shipping. The safest time to order!

Ordered 7-8 weeks out + Standard or Express turnaround time + Standard or Express shipping


Ordered 6 weeks out + Express turnaround time + Standard or Express shipping

or Standard turnaround time + Express shipping


Ordered 5 weeks out + Express turnaround time + Standard or Express shipping

Ordered 4 weeks out + Express turnaround time + Express shipping


Ordered 4-10 weeks out or more + Quick-ship suit + Standard shipping

Ordered 2-3 weeks out + Quick-ship suit + Express shipping

​xMay or may not be delivered on time, taking into consideration unpredictable circumstances. In these cases we don’t guarantee on-time delivery:

​xOrdered exactly 6 weeks out + Standard turnaround time + Standard shipping. (We think that you don’t want to risk your suit being delivered in the morning of your show day. Please order 2-3 days earlier, or switch to Express turnaround or Express shipping.)

xOrdered 5 weeks out + Standard turnaround time + Standard or Express shipping

​xOrdered 4 weeks out + Express turnaround time + Standard shipping

​xOrdered 3 weeks out + Express turnaround time + Express shipping

​xOrdered 2-3 weeks out + Quick-ship suit + Standard shipping

​xOrdered 1-2 weeks out + Quick-ship suit + Express shipping

>>Can I change the color of fabric or crystals on one of your existing designs? How much is it?

 Yes, you can choose any color of fabric or/and crystals from our charts to replace original ones for no additional charge.

Adding more crystal colors to the suit may be subject to additional fees.

Example 1: original suit design has 3 colors of crystals and you want to add a few more colors. We will charge $10-$50 for that, depending on the design.

Example 2: original suit design has 4 colors of crystals and you want to add one more color or replace one color. We will not charge you for that.

Example 3: original suit design has 5 colors of crystals and you want to change all of those colors as well as fabric color. We will not charge you for that.

>>What measurements do you need to make a suit? And how do I provide them?

We will need 10 measurements from you, which include height, weight, bra size, glute measurement, etc.

After you place an order, we will email you the order form to fill out. It contains fields with all 10 measurements as well as suit cut and other information that we need to make your suit. There are measurement explanations and guides in our order form for your convenience.

>>What if my suit doesn’t fit?

If you provided us with the correct measurements there should be no issues with the fit.

But still, there are a few reasons why your suit doesn’t fit and a few ways to solve it:


1.You received your suit while you’re still too far from your competition weight. It is completely normal that the suit is too snug at the moment because it is made to fit at your competition weight.

Solution: keep calm and keep prepping. Your suit will fit by the time you are at your competition weight.

Solution #2: for example, if you want to practice posing in your suit right now, simply adjust bottoms using our instructions. You’ll be able to adjust them again closer to your show day. However, we recommend practicing posing in our practice suits. They adjust in seconds and are machine wash friendly, unlike competition suits :)


2.You didn’t reach your anticipated competition weight and the suit is too snug a few days before the competition. Panic mode is almost ON

Solution: no panicking! :) Use our instructions to adjust your suit. It requires basic sewing skills. Most of our clients, who needed to adjust their suit, did it by themselves without any help from the professional seamstress. It’s easy!


3.There is something wrong with the fit that you feel can’t be solved with our adjustment instructions.

Solution: please let us know about it as soon as possible! We really want to help. In most cases, we will need pictures to see what is wrong and how it can be fixed. The problem can be easily fixable; it just needs a professional eye. We will let you know how to fix it fast and simple.

>>I am very small-chested and want to add some volume to my competition bra. Can you help?

Yes! We have an amazing triangle and plunge underwire top options to add volume to your chest. Just add “XL push-up padding” option to your suit when ordering. We will go 1-2 cup sizes up (depending on your height and measurements) and add more padding to the top. All tops have pockets, so you’ll be able to remove padding if desired.

>>What about the quality of connectors?

We use only the best quality connectors available. They are made in Europe, using the most durable metal setting that doesn’t break easily and doesn’t turn yellow with time. Crystals in our connectors are extra sparkly and have perfect stone cut. These connectors are much more expensive than standard quality connectors. We tested many connector brands before we found these amazing connectors that give us peace of mind. We know that they will look stunning on stage and will not break after you wear your suit a couple of times.

>>Do I need to use bikini glue to keep bottoms in place?

Yes and no :)

When will you not need bikini glue:

  1. For European/wellness bikini bottoms with standard and pro back cut. Bottoms straps have anti-slip elastic sewn in, so they will stay high on your hips without glue. If you want a little bit more coverage in the back, you may use glue on the standard back cut.

  2. For American bikini bottoms with pro and standard back cut. These back cuts look better without glue and enhance the shape of your glutes nicely even without additional fixation. If you want a little bit more coverage in the back, you may use glue on the standard back cut.

There are a few situations when you will absolutely need bikini glue:

  1. Back of figure suit bottoms, to keep them in place and get that professional look. Figure bottoms have a special back cut that is designed to emphasize the shape of glutes, and accentuate that v-taper! And if bottoms are not glued in the back, you will simply not get that effect. Side straps of bottoms will not need any glue, there is a sewn-in anti-slip elastic to keep straps in place.

  2. For all divisions: bottoms with the moderate back cut. Use on the back to keep the fabric in place and get more coverage.


>>Can I wash my suit? Do I need to dry clean it?

Yes, you can hand-wash it. Dry cleaning is strongly not advised, it damages crystal glue and fabric. You will receive washing instructions together with your suit.


>>Can I practice posing in my competition suit?

Yes, if you want to! And you definitely should practice a couple of times before your competition to get used to the suit.

But we don’t recommend practicing in your competition suit all the time. It can’t be easily washed in a washing machine and in general, should be treated with additional care due to the expensive crystal work.

Instead, we recommend practicing posing in one of our practice suits, which is easily adjustable throughout your prep and is machine wash friendly. Another great practice suit option is a plain competition suit. It can be machine washed and doesn’t require too much care and attention. It also can be made in the same exact cut as your competition suit.

>>How can I pay for my suit? Do you accept credit cards?

All of our payments are processed through PayPal. You can pay by using your PayPal account or any credit card. You don’t have to create a PayPal account to pay by credit card.

>>Do you require full payment? Or can I pay half now and other half when my suit is ready?

Currently we require full payment before we start working on your suit.

>>Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! Here is the list of discounts that we offer:

  1. Returning client discount – 10% off all orders starting with second order.

  2. Referral program discount – up to 100% off plus free practice suit.

  3. Annual Black Friday discount – TBD each year.

  4. Team discounts – please contact us to discuss details

>>Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order not later than 24 hours after your order is placed. Please contact us as soon as possible to cancel your order.

>>Do you accept sponsorship applications?

We do not accept sponsorship applications at this time. However, you can receive up to 100% discount on a suit with our Referral Program.

>>Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we pretty much ship everywhere in the world where international shipments are accepted. It just may take a little longer to ship to remote areas or countries which take more time to process international shipments, please take that into consideration when placing an order.

>>Where are you located/ship from?

We are located in Ukraine and ship from Kyiv, Ukraine.

>>I’m afraid that my suit will deform or get stained during shipping. Is your package secure?

Every competition suit is packed in a box to protect it from possible deformation during shipping. We add paper filler inside to protect crystals and connectors from scratching. The box is securely sealed to prevent your suit from being stained.

Practice suits are shipped in securely sealed envelopes with layer of special protection.

So even if the package goes through some rough shipping conditions, the suit inside remains super safe :)

>>Do you accept returns?

Generally, we do not accept returns. But there are a few exceptions.

So, when is it possible to return your suit?

  1. We’ve sent you the wrong suit, or it wasn’t made according to your order form (wrong cut, color, top shape, etc.) We double-check all suits during every stage of production and shipping, so these mistakes are pretty much impossible.

  2. Suit doesn’t fit, even after we’ve tried everything possible to fix it. In most cases fitting issues are easily fixable with our adjusting bottoms and tops.

We will not accept return if:

  1. You’ve decided not to compete or don’t want/need your suit anymore.

  2. Your suit was not delivered on time for your competition. We do everything possible to make sure your suit arrives on time. We want you to shine on stage in your amazing suit! Please, make sure you follow our recommendations on best time to order to receive your suit on time.

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