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Highlighting Gains PRO is designed for those looking to delve into competition suit design more seriously and work with Kata who brings over 8 years of expertise in competition suit design.
Her experience ensures a faster progression in areas where she knows the ins and outs, helping you transform your passion into a business.
You will work directly with Kata on a one-on-one basis.

The program currently has a capacity for only two clients concurrently. Interested individuals are kindly encouraged to secure their spots promptly, as availability is limited.

competition suit designer course

How will we start?

We will start with identifying your goals. In our initial meeting, you'll share your goals, ask questions, and I'll determine how I can assist you. Next, we'll plan the steps to achieve your goals and determine a time frame considering your starting point and ability to dedicate time to the project.

Choose the level

This program offers three different levels tailored to your specific needs.
You can also select your preferred time frame for our collaboration, and as long as I have available spots, you're welcome to continue working with me. We'll keep in touch throughout our time together, and I'll be there to help you not just map out these changes but also put them into action in your work and support you along the way.

Here's what I can assist you with at each level:

Limitations: I am unable to provide advice on legal business matters, given the diverse locations of my clients. Please seek such advice from local professionals familiar with the legal requirements in your specific region.

Have any questions? Contact Kata today

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